ASOPROADSUR Legally founded on June 30, 2020 before the Superintendency of Popular and Solidarity Economy RESOLUTION No. SEPS-ROEPS-2020-910093 and RUC Single Contribution Register: 0791828759001

Our ACUICOLA PROADSUR ASOPROADSUR PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION is born from the social commitment to defend good management practices for the care and respect of the environment of each of the shrimp producers in semi-intensive system of low salinity and free of antibiotics.

It has 11 founding partners with farming properties located in the province of El Oro-Ecuador. Currently the number of partners is increasing, all duly regulated under the rules required by our organization and operating permits required to carry out aquaculture activity in Ecuador.


We identify with the corporate values of honesty and punctuality in the requested orders. We demonstrate our commitment and responsibility in all administrative and commercial procedures providing a product of optimal quality for the satisfaction of our customers.





Since 2020, ASOPROADSUR is an organization with the mission of exporting Ecuadorian shrimp to the European Union, the United States, Asia and Latin America through the associative union of Ecuadorian medium and small producers engaged in the exploitation of White Lipto-penaeus Vannamei shrimp hatcheries in captivity through the semi-intensive low salinity and antibiotic-free system

Our ACUICOLA PROADSUR ASOPROADSUR PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION aims to achieve national and international recognition of our product. Through the optimal management of our human team in the production, marketing, logistical management and quality assurance of our antibiotic-free shrimp.